Smooth. That's [not] me.
2004-03-19 at 8:38 PM

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For the first time in weeks, I got a call from a telemarketer. Since I'm a sly cat (pronounced 'slahhh kayet') I said,"The person you're calling for doesn't live here." Smooth, right? Well, it would've been smooth if I didn't stupidly add,"May I take a message?" After about five seconds of listening to the telemarketer's confused "um"s and "er"s, I realized what I had said. I couldn't help but laugh. Loudly. The telemarketer was silent for a few seconds, startled by my reaction. Then, over the sound of my laughter, I heard her asking a question. Obviously, I had no choice but to hang up.

I never thought I'd be the embarrassee (as opposed to the embarrasser) in a conversation with a telemarketer. I am, officially, a loser.

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