Drunk? Nah.
2003-10-13 at 4:16 a.m.

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[Note: I added an entry about an hour before I wrote this one... Read that one too.]

Just woke up after 4 hours of sleep... Oi.

Anyway, if I've already told you about the keg party coming up, skip over this entry...

...Or just keep reading. So. On Friday, Catherine and I finalized our plans. We'll be having a keg party at her house in less than a month. Free beer for everyone. Strangers are invited. The catch? Non-alcoholic beer only! The point? To laugh at all the kids who [will hopefully] pretend to be drunk. However, I wonder if we're underestimating our peers. What if they don't pretend to be drunk? Instead of just being a lame party for them, it'll be an equally numbing ordeal for us. Ah. Can you feel my angst? No?

Let's try this again then... Angst-style. lyke OMG guyz! heheheeheh. itz me, pancake!!!! hehehe! me n catherine r havin a keg party!!!!1 hehehe. lyke, hot guyz r invited 2. hehehe. o waiT. im lyke...lyke a lesbian almost. heheheh. so... YEH! hot gurliez 2. EVRY1. but dey dun no dat da beer in da kegs is not lyke, gunna, lyke... make dem drunkiez... bcuz it dun hav alcohol in it! so da purpose of dis party is juz fer me n catherine to b able to ubserve how deez teenagerz pretend to be drunkiez, wen dey really arnt. BUT OMG DUDEZ!!!1 wat if dey dun pretend 2 b drunkiezs?! im gunna b da loooozer. deyre gunna h8 me. :( im goin 2 cry.

[Can you feel my sarcasm? Good.]

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