Dear Computer
2003-09-14 at 1:49 a.m.

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Dear shitty computer of mine,

I'm sick of your arrogance, so listen up unless you want to end up at the dump.

You do not tell me that you are downloading something; You ask me if you can first. Recently, you haven't been doing this. I'm not happy with you at all! You need to shape up.

Oh, and what was up with that nervous breakdown today, huh? You deleted all of my fonts! That hurts my feelings, you know. It took months to get my font collection that diverse, and you ruined it.


I hate you. A lot.



Note: I really am upset about the fonts I had at least 600 and they're all gone now. If you have any "non-standard" fonts, please send them to me at [email protected]

Here's an analogy to hopefully explain how much I need my fonts:
"Food is to fat people as fonts are to Pancake." [Hopefully I didn't offend anyone there.]

yesterday ? tomorrow

It might make you feel better
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