Damn you, Philip Morris!
2003-08-05 at 5:31 a.m.

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I promised myself that this diary would contain no rants. This'll be the third time I break that promise.

God damn. God damn!

I want a cigarette so bad right now. Ugh. I need it right now. It's driving me [more] insane [than I already I am].

I didn't smoke at all for over six months. Over six months! I was so proud of myself, thinking I had finally quit. So I was disappointed (no, devastated) when I gave in and smoked a cigarette a few weeks ago. I let it go, though, and promised that that would be the last time. I really, really don't want to start again, but god damn... God damn! This craving is so fucking overwhelming that I know if it lasts any longer I'll go insane. Ahh. Make it go away. ;(

yesterday ? tomorrow

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